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Best 2 android app to earn money

​Best 2 Android app to earn money
The best way to earn on android phone is the use of app,it is rare to find a money generating Android app, have you been searching online for money earning Android app, if yes,you are in the right place to see the list of valid money earning app for Android. 
These are the list of money earning app:

Geopoll is an Android app that helps you to earn airtime.You can get the app on play store and install. It is very trustworthy and it is almost available in all country including Nigeria.
I personally use Geopoll to earn airtime myself.Geopoll pays you for carrying out tasks,they serve a lot of tasks e.g answering surveys, taking pictures in the supermarket,taking billboard picture, answering questions from poll, and lot more.
I have personally earn #10,000 for taking surveys,taking pictures and answering questions on polls. 

Zoto is another app that helps you to earn money and even put a smile on your face, it is the most trusted app and the most rated Money earning.
You can download and install the app on play store,type Zoto and search then you should download and install.It is an app used for recharging directly from bank account using your ATM, it support all ATM’s including verve, MasterCard,Visa and others. 
I have a fear that it is limited to African countries only. It makes you money by giving you discount on all your recharges and the discount on each are up to #300 or more,it saves you time and money. You can also earn by referring the app to your friends and family.
It pays up to #500 per referral.I have earned up to #25,000 on referral.I can say it is very profitable.Use ENIOLS3 as referral code to earn up to #1000 cash back. 
I’ll be posting more soon,i just had to post the most trusted,easy paying and secure app.Subscribe to get the latest post updates.

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