The best three video editing apps.

The best three video editing apps 
1.Action director:
ActionDirector Video Editor is a video editing app that lets you create quality compositions in no time at all. Plus, you can save the results in Full HD (though you’ll need a premium account to do this) or in SD, which is ideal if you don’t have much free space on your device. 
With ActionDirector Video Editor, you can cut video clips, change the color of the image, add a soundtrack, or even insert text. All of this can be done with very simple controls. With just a few taps of the screen, you can customize any video. 
ActionDirector Video Editor is an excellent video editing tool that lets you create and share your videos quickly and easily. That said, you need a premium account if you want to export your video in high resolution.
2.Kine master :
KineMaster is a video-editing tool that combines a well-designed interface with a great user experience and a wide range of potent features so you can create the videos you want exactly how you want them.
Using KineMaster is very simple: just choose the content you want to add to your video in the order that you want it and add a title to the final composition. After this, you can choose an overall theme for your video, which will also add an introduction.
 This is all you have to do … but, of course, you can also edit in greater depth if you want to.
Although it’s slightly more complicated, in KineMaster you can edit the video directly from the timeline. This lets you add different types of transitions between video fragments (either photos or videos) and even add blocks of text or subtitles.
When you finish editing, KineMaster lets you save your project directly to your device in different qualities. And, of course, you can also upload the video directly to your Facebook or YouTube accounts.
KineMaster is a simple yet powerful video-editing tool. Though you can use it to create a video in just a few seconds, it can also create much elaborate projects if you want to spend a bit more time on them.
Videoshop is an easy video editor with fast editing tools, filters and many other effects for personalizing your videos. 
 1. Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments. You can also split your videos into multiple clips. 
2. Music: Add from your iPod library or Buy Clips from the Videomall.
 3. Sound effects: Choose from animals noises, farts, Vine quotes, explosions, laughter, etc.
 4. Slow motion (or fast motion) : Adjust video or audio speed to slow or fast.
 5. Adjust Display: Change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc. 
6. Merger: Combine multiple clips into one. 
7. Text: Type your own text with color and various fonts. 
8. Voice overs: Record your own voice over the video. 
9. Animated titles: Introduce your videos with animated titles.
 10. Filters: Select from several filters to enhance your videos. 
11. Transitions: Choose from 10 transitions to animate between video clips.
 12. Photos: Create slideshows easily.
 13. Stop Motion: Create claymation videos with stop motion recording. 
14. Resize: Rescale your video within the video frame. 
15. Reverse: Playback videos in reverse. 
16. Copy: Create duplicate video clips. 
17. Tilt Shift: Add depth to your videos. 
18. Rotate: Rotate your videos in 90 degree angles. 
19. Undo: Undo any slippery editing mistakes. 
20. Share on Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Whatsapp or by E-mail.

 Note: Videoshop is compatible with iPhone and iPad videos only. Using videos from other platforms may cause instability or crashes. Also, adding just an enormous amount of content and effects may overwork your phone’s processing power so be modest.

Hope this helps you out 

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