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How to get approved by Google Adsense fast


How to get approved by Google Adsense fast from your blog

Today’s post is just to guide you on “How to get approved by Google Adsense fast for your blog”. 

Google Adsense is owned by Google. It is responsible for the hosting of ads on your website and paying you whenever the ads is being clicked on your website.

Here are the easy steps for you to get approved by Google Adsense:

  1. You must own a website:

You will need to have a website of your own. It is either for you to create a free or paid website,if you are trying to set up a free website you will only have to use the hosting provider subdomain.

How to setup a blog with the most free website provider e.g

  • WordPress gives you“”
  • Blogger gives you “
  • Joomla gives you “”

If you care to create a paid website you can use WordPress and also you can buy your own domain name.e.g .net, .com, .org and so many more.

2. Make sure that your content is in line with your name and it is legal.

Google Adsense will disapprove your website is it has all its contents based on (hate speech, spam, nudity, graphic violence)

3. Make sure you post original content

Posting a copyright content would never make Google Adsense approve your website, you must provide/post the content that has never been used on another website.
You can link to other blog or content,if the link itself if it is part of an original post.
You can put a notice at the foot if the post showing “source:the name of the website you copied the content from”

4.  Organize your content well.
You should organize your content using header,bullet points, subheading,italics,bold and others when writing on a website will make your content clean and making it appealing to google Adsense.

5.   Create multiple website page 

You should create an “about”page,a “contact”page and a “disclaimer”page in addition to the default “Homepage”

6.  Post content often but it should unique

Make sure you post content on your website frequently and make sure your content is in an unique form and also related to your website name. This will make google Adsense approve your website.
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With all these methods your website will get approved by Google Adsense.

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